In Logo x Logo graphic designers answer the question: what is your favourite logo? The left page shows their own logo design, the right shows one by a colleague. Accompanying texts explain their choices.

How Logo x Logo came to be
The idea for Logo x Logo arose in 2018 when I had been working independently for 15 years. I really wanted to do something with my favourite subject. I’ve been responsible for many visual identities over the past 20 years, helped organisations to find their form, and collaborated with agencies to develop visual identities for their customers. It made sense to choose the logo as my subject.

Fascinating series of insights about logos
Logos are the favourite subject of many designers, who are often faced with question: what is your favourite logo? Easy to answer for some designers, but a struggle for most. What makes something a favourite? Is it the first logo you designed? The logo you learned from the most? The one that made an impact? Or the logo that best demonstrates a design vision?

It has become an interesting series, in which the combinations presented lead you to new insights. About the designer, their choices, or the logos themselves.

Hope you enjoy them. Let me know!
Roel Stavorinus


Logo x Logo: two parts
In part 1 of Logo x Logo, 59 graphic designers share their favourite logos; 54 in total. The book includes contributions by Pepijn Zurburg (De Designpolitie), Jaco Emmen (Teldesign), Ron Faas (Dietwee), Michael Johnson (Johnson Banks), Jacques Koeweiden, and many more. The book is available from any bookstore. Dutch only.

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Part 2 of Logo x Logo will be released at the end of April. This edition features 65 graphic designers and their 61 favourite contributions. The book contains insights by Stefan Pangratz (VBAT), Alex Clay (Lesley Moore), Rob Stolte (Autobahn), Jeroen van Erp (Fabrique), Greet Egbers, Max Kisman, Peter te Bos, and many more. The book is available from any bookstore. Dutch only.

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