Yurr Rozenberg

YURR studio

All 9 Dutch top sectors are united, except those from the creative industry. After the crises, many talents started for themselves. They have difficulty profiling themselves, and that also applies to the creative sector. We came up with City of imagineers, an interest group for the image industry. The start took place in Breda, where we were able to inspire local government and industry for the added value of creativity. In the meantime, mutual cooperation brings quality and recognizability to a higher level. Members are proud to wear the logo.

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  • What is the best logo you ever designed? Do you know why?
  • Which logo from another designer do you think is the best logo ever? Why is that?
  • Think carefully! You can only submit one contribution. Don’t take it lightly, but do some real soul searching. Who knows what else you will find!