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The idea for Logo x Logo arose in 2018. After working independently for 15 years I really wanted to do something with one of my favorite subjects. Over the past 20 years I have developed many visual identities, helped organisations to find their form, and collaborated with agencies to develop visual identities for their customers. It made sense to choose the logo as my subject.

I am aware that logos are only a small aspect of a visual identity, but they are an important one. Logos are often the first visual element to be designed, the first decision to be taken within the design process. It tends to be the first instance of decicions becoming reality. It’s an important moment and a difficult one at that. Because not all clients are great at reading design proposals, design concepts quickly become subjective and it can be quite difficult to keep discussions away from personal opinions and qualifications such as beautiful or ugly.

The logo according to designers
Logos are the favourite subject of many designers, who are often faced with question: what is your favourite logo? Easy to answer for some designers, but a struggle for most. What makes something a favourite? Is it the first logo you designed? The logo you learned from the most? The one that made an impact? Or the logo that best demonstrates a design vision?

Website: Platform, reference book, and source of inspiration
It all started with a booklet. Another booklet followed. And thanks to the enthusiastic response to both, I decided that Logo x Logo deserved an online presence. A website makes it much easier to show many more designers. Designers from all over the world can share their favourites and as the website grows, it’s interesting to see what pops up. What makes a logo truly good? Can we discover any common practices? Is there a distinct difference between designers on different continents? And so on. I am curious to know the answers to all these questions. But whatever comes out, the site will be a wonderful reference for any designer; a place full of examples and inspiration.

And the good news is, You can be part of it. Have you ever designed a logo? Then share your favourites and be part of Logo x Logo!

Greetings from Roel

About the author

Roel Stavorinus is an independent design and communication strategist specialising in organisational identity. He publishes articles about branding, design, and identity and gives guest lectures on these subjects.

Drawing by Cyprian Koscielniak.

Roel Stavorinus

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