Smel* design agency

Carlo Elias

Smel* design agency

'Les Garçons de Smel' was on the envelope that photographer Cornelie Tollens slid over the table to us in 2008. 'Your photo prints', she said. When we looked at the A3 envelope on the table, a smile spontaneously appeared on our faces. The personal note from Tollens was the starting point for our new identity. The asterisk played an important role in this: it indicated that there was a story about Smel. Small anecdotes varied from a signed text by Bono (U2) to a piece of e-mail from Tom Waits. In 2016 we developed a new organizational strategy and visual identity. With the asterisk. The asterisk then acquired a richer meaning: in addition to annotation, it stands for the interpretation of a project or Smel's expertise.

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