Logo BraceUP

Olga Lundgren


A world language. You can see logos all over the world. Self-drawn, pasted, cut to perfection. Nice conversations about a logo identity for a foundation, a company. What do you want to radiate for whom?

Wonderful to do this assignment in collaboration with Arnoud van den Heuvel for a Chinese boy, with a father who has his own factory. Often with traditional logos. Linguo wants it differently! Something totally new for the American market. What is different? Beautiful dialogues, also about world markets followed. No physical stores, logo not visible online, packaging not visible online. It is essential that a logo has a good appearance. It turns out to sell very well on Amazon! A new series of packages is being made.

Submit your favourite logo’s!

  • What is the best logo you ever designed? Do you know why?
  • Which logo from another designer do you think is the best logo ever? Why is that?
  • Think carefully! You can only submit one contribution. Don’t take it lightly, but do some real soul searching. Who knows what else you will find!